About Kinthree

Kinthree offers a unique opportunity for you to connect to your story. Each Kinthree design delivers a different message and has meaning behind it that will inspire you every day. Whether you’re celebrating yourself or encouraging someone else, Kinthree has the right piece of jewelry just for you. Every piece comes in a decorative drawer gift box, making the gift giving process even easier.

Kinthree's custom designs are created using the lost wax casting process in the United States.

Kinthree believes in giving back to the community and the practicing responsible consumerism. The company donates to important causes such as Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, and One Tree Planted. Kinthree uses recycled materials where it can and fair business practices to minimize the carbon footprint impact. Learn more HERE. 


Kinthree includes two sisters who are also moms of Littles. First formed in 2016, the company was renamed in 2020 after the sister's three children. 

Kat started her career in jewelry design as a silversmith in 2015. After becoming excited about the ability to express her art through metal, she dove in head-first, learning all she could about the art of jewelry design. As the designer and photographer for KINTHREE, Kat creates her pieces using one of three design methods. She either sculpts the piece from wax, fabricates it with metal, or designs it on paper then creates it using computer-aided design. Driven by her love for nature and desire to support her fellow woman, each piece has its own unique story for why it was made and how it came to fruition. Kat is a professional photographer. To learn more, visit bkrosestudio.com. 
Beth started her career in jewelry design in 2017 after marching in the Women’s March in Chicago, IL. Inspired by the power of women uniting together to create change, she started the social activism company alongside her sister, Kat. As the logistics, marketing and communications director, Beth strives to create a positive customer experience with Kinthree's customers. She connects with many women's networks that support women's empowerment. Beth served 13 years as a science and special education teacher. She is currently the President of her subdivision's homeowners association.  
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