Rewrite Your Script with these Mindset Tips

When it comes to embracing your story, it helps to look at your past experiences, identify the misconceptions, and understand how to rewrite your script.

Dating all the way back to your childhood, you may have been led to believe that your opinions don’t matter. This may have affected many decisions you made in your life.

When I was 15 or 16 years old, I was beginning to think about if I was smart enough for college. I asked an older male figure in my life how much a typical house cost.

He told me quite bluntly that all I needed to do was marry a rich man and all of my problems will be solved. For much of my life, I believed that to be true, and it stunted my personal growth as a woman.

Well, times have changed, and so have you. You do not have to believe the false messages that were once told you.

You have permission to rewrite your script.

Being told your opinions don’t matter can negatively affect the way you see yourself, especially when you are told this over and over for years. 

Well, things are different now. You do not have to believe the false messages that were once told you.

Here are 3 Ways to Rewrite Your Script for a More Rewarding Mindset:

CATCH THE CODES - When a negative belief about yourself creeps in, stop and think about your earliest memory. Who told you that? Do you have a positive relationship today? If not, then write down the misconception. Keep doing this as new beliefs emerge.  

STAY POSITIVE - When someone leads you to believe your opinions don’t matter, find one positive aspect that you can focus on. It could be something immediately around you like a potted plant or broad like a mantra that resonates with you. Shifting your focus helps you avoid letting their comments sink in and affect you. 

WHO DOES IT HELP? - When a negative belief surfaces, ask yourself who it benefits. The answer is no one. Whoever projected the belief onto you did it for his or her benefit - to get out that frustration. Well, that has long passed, yet you still hold onto it. Let go of the past that does not serve you. You know you’re doing fine just as you as you are. 

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