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Chouquette Creates Activist Statements on Chocolate Morsels

Chocolate, in any form, is delicious, and chocolates with special messages make for the perfect gift.

Chouquette is a chocolate and confection company that decorates each morsel with a special message on top. The quality is stunning.

Available in boxes of 5, 9, 16, and 25, the assortment of milk and dark chocolate treats allows for a lovely balance of each flavor. Which do you prefer? My go-to is dark chocolate, but both are incredible. Purchasing with PayPal just made online shopping that much easier.


Chouquette is a chocolate and confections company that has proudly, "donated thousands of chocolates to emergency rooms and health care organizations."  In the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, that is certainly impressive. Additionally, every purchase supports the employment of individuals with intellectual or mental health differences. As a retired special education teacher, I am even more motivated to support and promote this amazing company.

Chouquette writes, "Heroes wear scrubs, Keep calm and eat chocolate, hang in there, thank you and the courage to care." I couldn't agree more. 

The Health Care Heroes collection is made of Vanilla Bean Caramel with Fleur de Sel crystals sprinkled inside a chocolate shell, making it an ideal sweet treat.



Guardians are protectors, defenders, and keepers. The Sun & Moon pendant symbolizes how time is continuous, and time guards us as we navigate our way through the pandemic. Every day there is new light; a renewed sense of hope. 


Do you have a sweet treat company to share? Leave a comment below or send us an email at kinthreeco [at] gmail [com] today. Thank you for reading, and continue to inspire change in others.


Lauryn Charlotte is an aspiring children's book author. She is a human rights activist and Earth conservationist. Lauryn writes for KinThree Co to continue practicing her craft.

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